Trans & Non-Binary Spaces London Masterpost

Disclaimer: I do not work for, get paid by, or have ‘official’ affiliation with any group mentioned on this post. I am just trying to do my bit for the community. Opinions are purely based on my experiences as a transmasculine, disabled person of colour, who is just about recognised in the “youth” age bracket. Your experiences may vary. If I have got any details wrong or your organisation wants to be removed from the list, please just send a polite message. Again, I just want people to find safe spaces.

I haven’t blogged in over a year and don’t really know why. I’ve been talking to lots of friends lately about making a group masterpost as it can be hard to keep up with groups and many resources are out of date. It can be hard to join a new space without accessibility info or not knowing anyone who’s been before. Hopefully this can help people find their spaces. This is written November 2019. This is my knowledge of trans and non-binary spaces in London that I’ve tried and tested in the last 2.5 years. I will be mentioning accessibility, who it’s for etc. for each – apologies if I miss anything vital. I’m open to constructive feedback. Again, just trying to help! I know there are other groups, but I can’t vouch for spaces I’ve not attended – always open to trying new ones and adding them to the list!


Transmasculine Support and Advice (TMSA)

Accessibility: Online space / in-person space is ground floor and has gender neutral/ accessible toilets – think they’re on a slight ramp?

Who: AFAB transmasculine people and trans men only

What: Online support and social chats. The in-person space is an extension of the online group(s) and is unique in the sense that it’s a transmasc only space.

Where: Online / A North London location

When: Online 24/7  / In-person: first Friday of the month 6 – 8:30pm

Costs: N/A online / optional donations accepted in person

Contact:  – Find TMSA on Facebook for further details.



Accessibility: Ground floor, have seen wheelchair users navigate the building, toilets are not accessible. Also worth noting it is in a church hall, but is not a religious space. Snacks provided.

Who: AFAB transmasculine people and trans men age 18+ / there is a group in another room for significant others (friends, family, partners etc.)

What: A group of transmasc folks to chat and socialise. Sometimes there’s activities like making Pride t-shirts or guest speakers coming to talk about their trans experiences/ research projects/ people who work directly with our community i.e. surgeons.

Where: Camden

When: 1st Saturday of the month, 7-9pm (can arrive from 6:30)

Costs: Various depending on membership status/ income status – cash only




Accessibility: It’s in a basement down a flight of stairs / the building is quite “subtle” if you don’t know what to look for / toilets have “saloon doors” and are kinda small. Not much info online. They have snacks.

Who: Trans and non-binary people 18+ and allies

What: It was described to me as “a group of friends meeting in their friend’s basement” and it was exactly like that. They do social activities like film nights etc.

Where: VFD, 66 Stoke Newington Road

When: Every Monday from 8pm – ~11pm

Costs: N/A




Accessibility: Ground floor in a pub – not a sober space, loud environment, gendered toilets on ground floor, drinks/ possibly food available to purchase

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+. Most attendees are transfeminine, but everyone is welcome.

What: Pub social with fellow trans people, with no pressure to come dressed (as your gender). Many attendees present in drab/ ordinary work clothes.

Where: Horse and Stables Pub, SE1, 7RW – almost next to Lambeth Underground Station (do not listen to Google Maps, which will send you off track!)

When: 1st Thursday of the month, 5-10pm

Costs: Just drinks/ food money, if you choose.




Accessibility: Ground floor in a church building, accessible toilet on the same level through a door, other toilets downstairs. Snacks.

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+

What: Social space, guest speakers/ talks etc.

Where: St. Anne’s Church, Soho

When: 1st Thursday of the month, 7-9pm

Costs: N/A





Accessibility: It’s up in a lift – don’t remember what floor sorry! Gender neutral and accessible toilets. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks provided, so not 100% a sober space. Drop in – you can stay as long or as little as you like.

Who: Non-binary workers who are the “only ones” in their workplace

What: Non-binary drop in space to chat/ have food and drinks and vent about work/ life/ whatever

Where: 76-78 Wardour St, Thoughtworks – you are in the right place, ask reception for the group!

When: 6-9pm – monthly/ dates vary – think they’re usually Fridays though?

Costs: N/A

Contact: Search the group name on FB/



Accessibility: It’s in a pub and can be quite a noisy environment. There is a table and seating and you can buy food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks. Due to the nature of the venue, it is not a ‘sober space’.

Who: Trans and non-binary people , 18+

What: Pub social/ chats/ eat and drink

Where: The Windmill Pub, Croydon

When: 2nd Saturday of the month , 8pm – 11:30pm

Costs: Food/drink money should you choose




Accessibility:   Ground floor, accessible / gender neutral toilets, must be on time for the first part (support space) or just come to the social part. Snacks available.

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+

What: First half is peer support – you can ask questions out loud or anonymously and feed back to each other. The second half is snacks, social and there’s normally a post-social at the pub.

Where: London Friend, Caledonian Road

When: 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm

Costs: Optional donation




Accessibility: Ground floor (sorry can’t remember if it was step free), building is a bit like a ‘house’ – cannot remember if toilet is accessible but was gender neutral.

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+

What: A small group setting where you can talk about any issues you’re having, uninterrupted, peer support, a space to be listened to.

Where: 5E Punderson’s Gardens, Common House, E2 9QG

When: 3rd Saturday of the month, 2-4pm

Costs: Cash donation




Accessibility: Ground floor, quite a tight space if there’s lots of people/ may run out of chairs, not sure if wheelchair accessible?

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+

What: A group where guest speakers from the community do talks/ talks about community projects

Where: Bloomsbury area – ask on Facebook for precise location

When: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm -9:30pm

Costs: Cash donation




Accessibility: Venue is 2nd floor via lift, quiet space available during group, gender neutral & accessible toilets. Snacks.

Who:  Trans and non-binary adults between the ages of 18-30 only.

What: A peer-led social and support space that go for pizza afterwards.

Where: Voluntary Action Islington, 200A Pentonville Rd, near King’s Cross

When: Last Tuesday of the month. Steering group 6-7pm/ regular group 7-9 pm.

Costs: N/A   – travel bursaries of up to £7 available if needed, with proof (receipt/ screenshot)




Accessibility: Ground floo, accessible /gender neutral toilets. Snacks.

Who: Trans and non-binary adults 18+

What: Social space, guest speakers/ talks etc.

Where:  Elgin Resource Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, W12 9NH

When: Last Friday of the month, 7:30-9:30pm

Costs: N/A




Accessibility: Quieter space available during group, ground floor, gender neutral & accessible toilets. Snacks provided. Mobility aid accessible.

Who:  Trans and non-binary young people age 11-24 (up to your 25th birthday). There is an adjacent group for parents/carers/guardians of trans 11-24 yr olds. Siblings age 11-24 also welcome in the space.

What: A space for trans and non-binary youth to socialise, celebrate, play games, exist in the presence of other people like themselves. Sometimes there’s themes/topics and celebratory sessions for Halloween/ end of year.

Where: Prospex Underground Youth Centre, Piper Close, N7 8TQ

When: Last Saturday of the month, 2-6pm.

Costs: N/A   – travel bursaries of up to £7 available if needed, with proof (receipt/ screenshot)




Accessibility: 2nd floor via lift, quieter space available during group, gender neutral & accessible toilets. Snacks provided. Sometimes out of office i.e. trips/ residentials

Who:  Trans and non-binary young people age 13-24 (up to your 25th birthday), who from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic groups. It is a Trans Youth of Colour only space.

What: A space for trans and non-binary youth of colour to socialise and share experience of the intersection of being trans and a person of colour, as our narratives often differ from the mainstream stories you hear about white trans people. We go on trips to the theatre, Black Pride and there’s a yearly residential with LGBT+ POC youth groups from across the country.

Where: Voluntary Action Islington, 200A Pentonville Rd, near King’s Cross

When: Official groups run quarterly (4 x a year)from 5:30-8:30pm;  additional trips arise too!

Costs: N/A   – travel bursaries of up to £7 available if needed, with proof (receipt/ screenshot)




Accessibility: Lift upstairs to group venue, buzzer entry. Snacks provided. Regular trips. Must make contact/ refer yourself before attending, if not attending with a current member.

Who: Trans and non-binary young people 14-24 (up to 25th birthday)

What:  A group for trans and non-binary youth to socialise, relax and talk about things. Sometimes there are themed sessions, film nights, guest speakers and activities. There are lots of trips, such as different Prides, theatre trips, youth events with other LGBT+ Metro groups.

Where: Vox Studios, Vauxhall

When: Monthly, dates vary. 6-8pm

Costs: N/A




Accessibility: Facebook required or mailing list needed to keep updated. In-person venues vary and accessibility is generally well-considered for official events. Online group uses content notes for all posts and members are encouraged to mention accessibility features of event venues they advertise.

Who: Non-binary adults 18+ who are connected to London, mostly activist-types

What: Grassroots, peer-led support, solidarity and social online and real life space. I’ve had some really lovely times with this group and gone to some awesome venues. We sometimes take over a café/ video game bar and just chill out or do trips to queer places of interest.

Where:  Online (Facebook) / various in-person

When: Online 24/7 / various in-person

Costs: N/A


Please be aware some groups change dates in December for the Holidays, so it’s best to contact them directly. Hope this helps. xx







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